Brayan Martinez had dropped out of school, was introduced to drugs and was facing pressure to engage in other illicit activities. Community-based support helped him move back to a place of stability.

Facilitated through Proponte Más, a family-based violence prevention project funded by USAID, the presence of family promoters in targeted communities are proving that even small actions can make a big difference for Honduran families. Working in a country with one of the highest murder per capita rates in the world, promoters are trained to work with young people and their families to prevent them from becoming more at risk of engaging with the gangs and violence that are prevalent in their communities.

After meeting with a promoter in his neighborhood, Brayan has begun volunteering in his community Outreach Center and is training to become a welder. The guidance he received has allowed him, and many others, to make choices that are slowly changing the narrative around youth and violence in Honduras.