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  • Families at the forefront of preventing violence
  • Promoting youth resilience Brayan Martinez had dropped out of school, was introduced to drugs and was facing pressure to engage in other illicit activities. Community-based support helped him move back to a place of stability. Facilitated through Proponte Más, a family-based violence prevention project funded by USAID, the presence of family promoters in targeted communities are proving that […]
  • Stronger families, safer communities Unity and good communication allow families to weather even the hardest conditions. In a country where youth are vulnerable to gang violence, substance abuse and the pressure to migrate, counseling can support parents navigating a host of uncertainties and create a home environment that better protects youth from making decisions that put them at risk. […]
  • Leaving a legacy: a service network for youth Angel Guzmán and Ligia Serna share a deep passion for their country’s youth. Both members of a professional network dedicated to promoting best practices when working with families and kids and advocating for children’s rights, Angel and Ligia are multiplying their impact across their communities. An initiative of the family-centered violence prevention program Proponte Más, […]